Jul 12, 2019 - Chapter ride to the Machine Shed in Pewaukee

I’m not sure, I think it might have been Chaplain Bob who said, “When two or more Blue Knights gather, that’s plenty for a chapter ride.” Well, there were three of us this morning for the ride to the Machine Shed in Pewaukee. We took Buena Park Road north out of Waterford continuing to Marsh Road and north pretty much paralleling Hwy 164 which was to the east. It was a slow country road ride enjoying the rural Wisconsin scenery. Once we got to Hwy 59, we took that east around Waukesha then cut north on Hwy 164 to the restaurant. The three of us thought the food was quite good. Ron Mau ordered an appetizer that was the size of a full meal. Once our appetites were satiated, we took the bypass back to Hwy 164 and headed home.

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