BK Stainless Steel Pendant


BK Stainless Steel Pendant

from 100.00

These smaller scale stainless-steel pendants feature the same Blue Knights emblem as the rings. They have an oxidized finish applied to the recessed area between the shield and the rockers which gives it nice contrast and depth.

International Pendant          $100.00
Chapter Pendant                    $100.00
One-Time Die Set-up Fee     $145.00

Sales Permit #600-0105307

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International Pendant

The pendant has “International” on the bottom rocker.

Chapter Pendant

A chapter pendant is available with a chapter name on the bottom rocker. Chapter pendants require a specially made die with a one-time cost of $145 per chapter. Once a die is made, all pendants for that chapter are regular price.

NOTE: The $145 chapter rocker die fee is separate for ring and pendant. They are different sized dies.


  • To order an International pendant, select that item.

  • If your chapter has already had a chapter die made, order your chapter pendant.

  • If you don’t know whether your chapter has set up a chapter pendant, please email Ken Edwardson.

  • Select "One-time Set-up Fee for Custom Die" to set up ordering for chapter pendants.

  • You may order chapter pendants at the same time as die setup.